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The gTar App

The gTar app is designed to help anybody start playing guitar as quickly as possible. You don't have to start off with any drills or lessons - just pick a song and start playing with any of our three difficulty modes. As you get familiar and progress through your first song, the gTar app will allow you to grow and take on new challenges.
The app comes bundled with a constantly growing library of songs, all available for free. Choose from a variety of classical guitar pieces, modern rock, pop, and everything in between. Soon we'll also be introducing a library of scale patterns and drills that you can use to practice your playing chops in a more traditional way.
SmartPlay is a cutting-edge feature that acts like a set of digital training wheels for your gTar that can help you get better at playing more quickly. When SmartPlay is activated, it can help you complete complex chords, mute out accidental notes, or act as your left hand, pressing down on the correct frets so you only have to worry about plucking the strings.
Difficulty Modes
Since the gTar is a digital instrument, every note you hear is played by the iPhone. This allows us to apply three different difficulty modes to every song in the catalogue:

Freeplay allows you to play the gTar like a traditional instrument, but with some added features. Choose from a dozen different sounds - from guitar to piano to a variety of synthesizers - and four different effects. Freeplay also features a dynamic XY pad that can be used to manipulate audio effects or the gTar's LEDs.

Sequence allows you to take advantage of the fretboard's LEDs to program exciting percussion riffs. Making drum beats is incredibly easy, just press down and play individual notes to add them to the grid and listen. Sequence is anticipated for release in Summer of 2013.
gTar Input, Drum Output
Draw notes by pressing down and playing individual frets. Turn them off by playing those frets again. It's that easy.
Six Drum Kits at Your Fingertips
Choose from up to 36 different drum sounds from six different kits, offering you a diverse selection from rock drums to electronic percussion to acoustic hand drums, all in one app.
On The Fly Performance
Add variation with up to 32 bars of unique patterns per instrument. Isolate each pattern on the fly just by tapping a button on the app and easily mute out patterns when you don't want to hear them anymore.

Argon is a rich monophonic synthesizer that works seamlessy with the gTar to produce deep bass sounds, interesting synth riffs, and spacey sound effects. No setup is required - simply dock Argon into your gTar and play.
128 Factory Presets
Start playing right away with over a hundred studio-quality presets
Full Analog Control
Argon features three oscillators, each with individual envelope and LFO control, six different filters, overdrive, delay, and amp effects, as well as a built-in arpeggiator. Best of all, every control can be tweaked on the fly, right in the app.
Loop Recorder
Loop four bar phrases and play them back, adding layers and allowing you the ability to export them to your computer to listen to later.

Cassini lets you take advantage of playing chords with a warm sounding synth engine that's easy on the ears. Great for solos, strumming chords, or for playing extended arpeggios with the app's built-in sequencer.
Three Oscillators + One Sub
Create rich sounding harmony's with four amazing sounding oscillators or choose from 50 different presets. With 2 modular delay effects, 6 LFOs, and a variety of effects to choose from, Cassini can help you create some amazing sounds and textures.
Easy .WAV Export + Clipboard
Cassini enables one click recording that can then be exported to a .WAV file or copied to your clipboard for future use in apps like Beatmaker or Garageband, opening up a world of music creation all within a single app.
Infinite Arpeggiation
Cassini allows you to leverage the gTar's ability to sustain notes infinitely, making it possible to strum a chord and arpeggiate it for extended periods of time previously impossible with a stringed instrument.

Nano Studio is a complete recording studio that connects seamlessly to the gTar to help you create music on your iPad or iPhone. It has synths, drum machines, and a full arrangement view so you can record multiple tracks without every plugging in.
Multi-Track Recording
Nano Studio’s sequencer lets you lay out entire tracks within your phone, giving you the tools to lay down musical ideas wherever you are.
Sometimes your instruments need a little bit more punch and character to fit together in a song. Nano Studio features a full suite of effects and inserts, from EQ and compression to reverb, waveshaper, delay, and more.
Synth + Sampler
Nano Studio features all the core sound elements that you need to cover your bases. Record your gTar performing drums, bass, keys, and more from a single app.

Sunrizer is a huge sounding virtual analog synth for iPhone and iPad. It packs in a supercharged sound engine with an accessible interface, making it super easy to experiment with sounds.
Epic Sound Engine
With analog-modeled oscillators and an accurate SuperSaw emulation, Sunrizer sounds big. With the SuperSaw oscillators in effect, you can have up to 98 individual oscillators playing simultaneously.
Totally Customizable
Sunrizer lets you tweak multiple parameters at the same time by grouping them together. Add that to the huge variety of filters, LFOs, sound modulation parameters, and an endless array of effects, Sunrizer gives you professional level customizability right on your phone.
160 Presets
If you’re not ready to dive into sound design just yet, choose from 380 presets and synth textures that come for free with the app.