About Incident Technologies

Music is, and has always been, a universal language capable of bringing people together. Dissuaded by steep learning curves and an image-driven industry, relatively few of us have the courage to truly express ourselves through music. By empowering anybody with the tools to enjoy, create, and perform music naturally and intuitively, we seek to keep music core to the human experience for everyone. Originally developed as a solution for computer musicians to make music with a guitar, the first gTar prototypes were developed in a garage in Cupertino, CA. As Incident grew our team spent short periods of time in various work spaces, including a renovated icelandic ferryboat in San Francisco's Mission Bay, before settling into our current office in San Francisco.

Idan Beck, Founder/CEO
Born in Israel, grown in Silicon Valley. Started Incident in a garage in Cupertino. Indiana Jones.
Josh Stansfield, Brand Development
Born and raised in Massachusetts. Nifty with cameras. Ginger beer. Mountains. Synthesizers.
Maly Bun, Graphic Designer
Born and raised Northern Californian. Makes things look nice. Comic books. David Bowie.
Franco Cedano, Engineer
Born in Mexico, resided in Southern California, South Texas, Upstate New York, Eastern Massachusetts, and Norther California. Sports. Music. Food. Sun.
Brittany Blake, EA/Office Manager
Bay Area native. Party planner extraordinaire. Pizza. Puppies. Justin Timberlake.

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