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LEDs Show You How to Play.

The gTar has a multi-touch LED fretboard that can show you what to play and track whether you're doing it correctly. Our learning system is so simple that you'll be playing songs in 15 minutes.

Real Strings, Real Frets.

The gTar is built exactly like a real guitar so that all the skills you learn here are transferable to your favorite acoustic or electric.

Apps are the Brains Behind the gTar.

Learn - Learn your favorite songs in minutes with the gTar app. Using the fretboard's LEDs, you can learn some of the biggest hit songs in rock, pop, dance, and everything in-between.

Create - Create beats, melodies, and rhythms without any previous musical skills. Sequence can be used stand-alone, or with the gTar fretboard acting as an interactive controller.

Play - Play with the 150+ different third-party apps that are already compatible with the gTar, like Animoog, Sunrizer, Argon, and more! Our hardware is open-source, so the possibilities are endless.

Real Wood Construction That's Built to Last.

The gTar is constructed from basswood and maple, giving it the look, feel, and durability of a time-tested electric guitar.

8+ Hours

Line Out

Free Gig Bag

Like Everything Else In Your Life, It's Portable.

The gTar has an 8-hour rechargeable battery and a headphone output so you can play it wherever you go without worrying about cables or amps. Every gTar also comes with a padded gig bag, completely free.

"A Blast To Play"
Popular Mechanics
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$699 Available in Black or White
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