Choose a Song.

Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie
Young Folks
Peter Bjorn And John
You Won't See Me
The Beatles
You Are A Tourist
Death Cab For Cutie

Follow the lights on the fretboard to see where you should put your hands.


Choose a Difficulty Mode.


SmartPlay will automatically "fret" for you and mute out incorrect notes, so you only need to strum along with your right hand. This allows you to build finger dexterity and practice rhythm with your picking hand to ease your way into difficult songs.


Start playing with your left hand pushing down on the frets while strumming along to the lights. If you hit a wrong note, SmartPlay will mute it out and move forward only when you've played it correctly.


No extra help here: the gTar will simply light up to show you the way and advance to the next notes when you've played it correctly. If you no longer need the lights, you can head over to Free Play to jam out with different instruments, like a Violin or Electric Piano.

We Gave the gTar to Five Beginners.
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